Do you need your roof replaced too often? Just like anything you purchase, roofs also have their own shelf life, and when their quality starts to fall, it will evidently show, and can give you a hard time at home. Your roof is the part of your home that shelters you from the outside world; it keeps your warm, comfortable, and dry.  If you want it to stay that way, you will have to repair your old roof eventually or switch it with a brand new one, which can give you the same benefits for a longer period. It will be best to start repairs once you see simple signs of aging, even a simple but excellent gutter installation in Lakewood is a great start to avoid spending more for severe damages, here are some things to watch out.  

Your roof takes on the forces of mother nature every single time, and this contributes a lot to the damage done to your roof, especially the shingles. You should watch out for cracks and folds of the shingles, the main use of this is to make sure that water and foreign objects slide out of the roof, as well as making sure it doesn’t penetrate the interior of the home. When you have cracks and folds, this means there is an opening for water and foreign objects to enter your home; it also means that your home is more prone to water damage.  

There is such thing as airborne algae, many people probably do not know what it is, but it contributes heavily to the discoloration of your roof. This isn’t something you can see or feel, it just so happens that it reacts to your roof over time. Also, moisture plays a part in the formation of dark streaks in your roof. You don’t have to be so worried because this type of algae doesn’t have any effects that will put your home at risk, the effects are just purely aesthetic, and it just naturally makes your stand out from the rest, but not in a positive way.  

Another growth that you should look out for will be mold, and no this isn’t just an aesthetic problem, it can mess with the security of your roof. Moss naturally holds water within them, and it can cause leaks to roof as well by damaging the granules as time progresses. Molds are more often to grow during the rainy season where It is cool and barely gets any sunlight, these are easy to remove, but it will only be for a short period until it grows back again.  

You also have to keep up with the times and trends with your home; you don’t want to be the only one with a broken-down house in a neighborhood filled with beautiful houses. People tend to judge people and how they are by the looks of their home, and how they take care of it. Show them that you are a person that cares about their family, and is orderly, and organized by the way you take care of your roof.